Criteria for Article Evaluation

Members of the editorial board and peer reviewers are asked to evaluate submissions according to the following criteria:


1) The article's length is between 18.000 and 40.000 characters.

2) The article complies with the journal's style guidelines.


1) Clarity. Is the text clear in all its parts? Is the language communicative, or does it employ unclear and ambiguous expressions?

2) Organization. Is the article properly structured? Do all steps of the argumentation follow clear and explicit logic? Is the article properly divided into paragraphs? Is it the article clearly signposted?

3) Relevance. Does the article enhance our knowledge of contemporary poetic writing? Does the article have the potential to generate a discussion of scholarly interest?

4) Research. Is the article thoroughly researched? Is there any noticeable lacuna in the bibliography?

5) Soundness. Does the article demonstrate its thesis, provide sufficient evidence to its argumentation, and employ a consistent methodology?